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Descent of Krishna through his mother, DewM, from the Yddava clan of Soma-vansi Kshatriyas,

Sotna, the Moon-God, by T£ra, 'the bright star/ whom he stole away from Yrihaspati, had a son Budha,
married to 116.    From this union sprang Pururavas « Urvasi, ' the dawn.

Ay us,









Devaka,                                                                                       Ugraaen, King of Mothurfc

Devaki^Vasudeva — Rohini.                                                              Kansas Rajivalochana, daughter

|                       I                                          ________^_____                            of Jarasandha, Kinrg of

"                                     Magadha*

Krishna« Rukmini, daughter of Bhishrnaka,

|              King of Vidardha.

Pradyumna^a daughter of Rukmin, the brother of Hukinini,

Aniruddha «

Vajra, who is generally said to have been crowned King of Mathurd on Krishna's death. But this belief rests on a
verse in the Vishnu Purana, where for Mathura other MSS.—preferably as it would seem from the context—™read
Indra-prastba, or Haatinapura, The more unscientific native pbilologera are disposed to derive from Tajra the name of
the country, Yraja, (Braj),